Perfect Peace: A reminder & a promise

If there is one thing that I am sure has been passed down from generation to generation in my family, it is the gift of worrying. Fine, let me not exaggerate, I’m absolutely that the gift of worrying exists in the last two generations on my mother’s side of the family.

Therefore, I am a degree-certified worrier.

Let me tell you how this works. I will worry about something that happened yesterday, this morning, an hour ago, two seconds ago- and anything that might happen tomorrow.

The thing about worriers is we often have active imaginations, so once we begin, there is an endless trail of things that might, could, maybe, possibly, sometime, somehow happen.

The month of June was my season.

Everything that could go wrong from January begun, waited until June. I’m juggling classes, work, planning a wedding, a new addition to my household (that can be a really stressful time, if you are an introvert like I am), plus, plus, plus.

I really felt like I was a push away from the Jenga bricks collapsing.

But this is why it is important to record God’s promises to you.

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

God’s reminder was simple.

Deonne, you can have perfect peace. Trust, focus on me- I will keep you in perfect peace.

But being the Deonne that I am, I start to worry that I am not staying or trusting enough.

But scratch that, here’s where the story gets better.

Look at the words a little closer

To Keep – ‘naw-tsar’:  means to guard, protect, maintain or preserve

Peace- ‘shâlôm’ means safe, well, happy.

Stayed- sâmak means prop, lean, take hold of, bear up

trust- bâṭach means confidence, hope, refuge

What God was really saying was he wouldn’t keep the storms away or even prevent the storms from hitting me. But he promised to maintain my happiness, my sanity, to keep me well and safe even while the storm is in full hurricane mode and trees are being uprooted and smashing me several times in the face.

Lets summarize.

Jesus will ensure that my sanity is preserved, that I am well and safe, if I allow my self to lean on him, be propped up by him and look to him as my hope.

What a wonderful God!

I’m looking forward to that perfect peace!



The promise isn’t always about you

A few days ago, I felt the need to leave my house a little earlier than normal. I had convinced myself that there was something urgent on my desk that needed to get done without delay.

I am always convinced that there is something ‘pressing’ on my desk to complete but usually, this conviction has the opposite effect. I’m pressured and I  ignore it. I bury my head in covers and say that if I get to work just in time, that would be enough time to get things done.

However, the need was just there, pressuring and it wouldn’t go away.

So I get up, do my morning rituals and everywhere I turn, there is just extra time to spare. Usually, this is a bonus for me because extra time in the morning means that I can read a few lines, catch up on some housework, or the other work that just doesn’t seem to get done in the nights and on weekends. (rolls eyes for emphasis)

And so I try to fill the extra space and something reminds me that you need to leave the house by a particular time.

‘But I don’t usually leave the house at that time’

‘Try being early this morning’

‘Why though?’

‘Just be early- leave at ‘this’ time.

So I quickly try to get some stuff done and by ‘this’ time- slightly later, I am out of the house. I am even cringing up my eyes at the bright sunlight because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bright in the mornings- just joking.

As I climb down the steps and into the car- my neighbour who is also on her way out calls out to me.

‘How far you driving today?

So I tell her my end destination and it isn’t exactly where she wants to go so she says ok, and starts to walk off.

As I sit and wonder, the prompt comes- ask her how far she wants to go.

And I do.  It’s not out of my route, but it isn’t really my route. It is a much more torturous route (traffic-wise) to get to work, but I ask her to come in because I could work it out anyway.

Look at my early going down the drain now…

On the way down, I ask her how things were and she begins to explain what was going on and why she was on this route at this time in the morning, I end up going ‘Whoa!’

This early thing was NEVER, EVER about me.

Sometimes, you are just the reminder/fulfilment of the promise that someone else needs.

Whether its the resources that God has blessed you with, or it may even be your lowest moments. Sometimes these are not really about you, you are simply the medium.

It made me reflect on a few rough moments that I’ve had- that the purpose has yet to be revealed. At the time, I thought that God just had to be punishing me- but now I wonder if God had been giving a promise, not only to me but to someone else in need.

The fact that you are holding on is just the encouragement that someone else needs to remember that God is working things out and taking them through the situation.

Your ‘early’ could be someone’s on-time

Your trials could be someone’s reminder

Sometimes, the promise- just isn’t about you!